物理治疗师助理s (PTA) are essential members of the patient care team. PTAs are licensed health care providers working under a licensed physical therapist's supervision. 在韦德1946官网, you'll learn the 技能 needed to help patients of all ages regain or maintain their independence and lead active lives.



成为这个国家发展最快的职业之一的一部分! A 物理治疗师助理 is truly a rewarding career where you will be vital to a patient's independence and recovery. You will learn to instruct patients in therapeutic exercise; assist patients with using equipment such as wheelchairs, 步行者, 拐杖, and crutches; and manage pain through various treatments, 包括按摩, 超声波, 电疗法, 还有热敷或冷敷. 作为持牌PTA, 你将有机会在多种环境下工作, 从医院, 养老院, 家庭健康机构, 还有学校的门诊, 体育, 健身设施. 



快捷方便Woman with orthopedic problem exercising with ball while Physical Therapist assistant supporting her

We offer two 物理治疗师助理项目 to fit your needs as a 韦德1946官网 student. You can complete our 校园 or the Online/Hybrid 物理治疗师助理 Program in only five semesters. With this flexibility, you can pick the program that fits best in your schedule. 


Our degree program combines excellent training with an affordable cost. 对于州内居民, 校园项目的估计费用为5,911美元. 看看你是否可以通过免学费获得学位 NM机会奖学金. 联系 金融援助 了解更多信息. 


You will have access to fully equipped labs that simulate patient care offered in various practice settings, 包括门诊诊所, 养老院, 和医院. 另外, 通过这个项目, you will be assigned to two full-time clinical externships that will provide you with the hands-on experience needed to successfully start your career as a 物理治疗师助理. 


We are only one of four 物理治疗师助理项目 in 新墨西哥 accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy 教育 (CAPTE). Our graduates are eligible to take the National 物理治疗师助理 Licensing Examination. PTAs are licensed or certified in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. 属维尔京群岛.



韦德1946官网 offers two 物理治疗师助理项目 – a convenient online/hybrid program and a traditional face-to-face on-campus program.

物理治疗师助理计划在线/混合美国地图. 36 states highlighted purple showing where SJC online PTA students reside.

The online hybrid program is 5 semesters with 49 program core credits required. You will be required to travel to the 韦德1946官网 campus for approximately 9-18 consecutive days (including weekends and/or holidays) for labs for the 5 semesters of the program. 所有差旅费由学生自理, including transportation and lodging and any additional fees for obtaining a proctor for the PTAP exams.


The on-campus program is also 5 semesters with 49 program core credits required. 校内项目位于法明顿的主校区, NM, 在健康科学模拟中心. 



通过你在韦德1946官网的课程, 您将学习物理治疗的基本原理和程序, as well as clinical techniques related to therapeutic exercise and treatment strategies.  

您还将: 物理治疗师助理 working with a client stretching his arms using a band.

  • 学习高级解剖学和病理生理学. 
  • 了解与病人护理相关的临床程序, 包括洗手, 重要器官, 疼痛评估, 人体力学, 罗, 床上移动, 和转移. 
  • 演示与拉伸相关的临床技术, 加强, 的姿势, 平衡, 协调, 敏捷性, 有氧调节. 
  • 演示与病人护理相关的临床程序, 包括模式, 按摩, 气道清除技术, 还有伤口护理. 
  • Understand treatment strategies for patients with complex diagnoses such as developmental disorders, 脑血管意外, 创伤性脑损伤, SCI, AKA / BKA, UMN/LMN病变. 
  • 演示与病人护理相关的临床程序, 包括牵引, 电疗法, 水上运动, 和水疗. 

当你完成课程的时候, you will be prepared for an entry-level physical therapist assistant position with the appropriate knowledge, 技能, 以及职业行为. 


职业生涯 & 结果

根据职业信息网(O*NET), the average annual base salary for a 物理治疗师助理 in 新墨西哥 is $59,590. 最高收入者的年收入在78070美元以上. 


  • 医院 
  • 门诊
  • 养老院
  • 家庭健康机构
  • 学校
  • 体育健身设施
  • Travel assignment throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii



这是Brianna Madrid,韦德1946官网PTA毕业生

“我在这个项目中的经历是积极的. 教练很棒,他们总是在那里,随时待命."



这是Sarah Penry,韦德1946官网PTA毕业生

“我非常喜欢在韦德1946官网的经历. I couldn’t have asked for better instructors, better mentors, better campus.”



这是Tom Pearce,韦德1946官网PTA毕业生

“总的来说,我的经历很棒! 主要是因为老师. 他们确实帮助了我. 我喜欢我的同学和我在SJC的所有美好回忆."




Learn about physical therapist careers and physical therapist assistant careers in this video from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).




要注册这些课程,你必须首先向韦德1946官网提出申请. Be prepared to send all official transcripts to 韦德1946官网 招生.


For guidance on the prerequisite course sequence and the PTA application process.

(505) 566-3562


2024-2025在线申请将于2023年秋末开始. View the application instructions to get started and check back for updates on the online application. 




“I chose 韦德1946官网 to complete my PTA degree with the online program. 作为一个有三个孩子的单亲妈妈,在线课程对我来说很方便. I was able to continue to work and complete this program as well as have time to focus on my kids.”
“I had previously worked at Presbyterian Hospital as a Rehab Technician and a Pharmacy Technician. Once I graduated I transferred into my new position as a PTA when they had a position open. I shadowed in the outpatient rehabilitation department and they hired me on.”
“I want to say that the online program was very manageable and I would highly recommend it to busy parents or anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to continue their education. I loved that it was part-time and that I could still work and take care of my kids.”


当我们的班级在“现实生活”中见面时,我真的很喜欢我们的实验室。. We missed our on-campus labs in our first year due to COVID, so we had only met through Zoom. 有一次我们能够去校园面对面交流, I was able to put a personality to the faces and we all got along so well. Not to brag, but our class is pretty awesome and I really enjoyed getting to know them. I had such a great time practicing and learning with my class and seeing how each of them solved problems.”