SJC is organized into six Schools: Energy; Health Sciences; Trades and Technology; Business, Information Technology and Social Sciences; Humanities; and Science, Math, and Engineering. These schools reflect the college’s mission statement to educate and empower individuals to thrive in an ever-changing world. Under the leadership of a dean, each school has programs to help you gain the knowledge and competitive edge you need to succeed in the workforce, your continued education, and in life. 

Explore San Juan College Schools

Student sitting at desk typing on desktop computer keyboard in computer lab setting

School of Business, Information Technology and Social Sciences

The School of Business Information Technology and Social Sciences has degrees and certificates that will have you ready to make an impact in our world.

Two students working with industrial equipment in lab setting

School of Energy

The School of Energy has degrees and certificates tailored to meet the needs of this highly evolving industry. Gain hands-on experience and skills using our cutting-edge technology in our globally known training facility.

Student dressed in scrubs and stethoscope working in simulation lab

School of Health Sciences

Make a difference in your community with a career in health sciences. Choose from more than 20 certificates and degrees to prepare you for a rewarding career caring for others and helping people (and even pets) live healthy lives.

Two students standing sitting at table and working, third student smiling at camera

School of Humanities

Instead of a sole focus on one specific area, explore ideas, issues, and methods through general education concentrations. 


Student and instructor in lab coats working with instruments and microscope in laboratory

School of Science, Math and Engineering

Start with your goal in mind. Prepare for your upward transfer to a four-year program by obtaining your Associate of Science through this school.

Student dressed in protective welding gear welding at a bench

School of Trades and Technology

With a career-focused education, you will gain hands-on experience by utilizing industry specific equipment to prepare you for in-demand careers.