Accounting Programs in New Mexico

Does a career as a financial detective sound interesting to you? Do you have a knack for numbers? As an accountant or controller, you’re not just a number cruncher; you are a specialist in an area needed by almost everyone, from individuals to large corporations.

San Juan College can help you get right to work or upgrade your current skills. In just two years, an A.A.S degree in Accounting will prepare you for a job at the paraprofessional level. You will gain not only the technical skills you need but will develop good communication and problem-solving skills – skills that are valued in any job. Topics covered include financial accounting, managerial accounting, income tax, intermediate accounting, cost accounting, payroll and computerized accounting.

San Juan College also has three certificate programs that can put you in the job market even faster: The Bookkeeping and the Enrolled Agent can be earned in three semesters while a Certificate in Payroll can be earned in as little as one year. Each certificates are fully transferable to the A.A.S program.



Graduate Spotlight

Kaden Hergenreter Graduate Spotlight.Kaden Kergenreter | Accounting | Graduated Fall 2021

Transferred to: New Mexico State University

Major: Accounting

Why did you choose San Juan College?

I chose San Juan College due to its affordability and location, but I stayed for the quality of education, and amazing faculty.

What did you do to prepare for your career?

I am getting the highest quality education possible that is within my budget. I have transferred to New Mexico State University and am trying to get as much job experience as possible.

What advice would you give to future graduates?

My advice to future students and graduates is to never be afraid to ask for help! I am incredibly shy so I know how hard it can be, but my life changed so much for the better just because I asked for help. It benefits you, your education, and the connections you make.

What was your fondest memory at San Juan College?

My fondest memory is aiding the community while working at Four Corners Tax Help here on campus. I felt apart of something greater and able to give back to my community through the education I have acquired.

Quick Facts

  • Students are taught problem solving and communication skills.
  • San Juan College's Bookkeeping Certificate can be earned in three semesters.
  • A Certificate in Payroll can be earned in as little as one year.


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